19th century boot (Jean-Louis François Pinet) for Sewstine

19th century boot (Jean-Louis François Pinet) for Sewstine

As we talked before, Sewstine is an artist who recreate the beauty of 18th century garments today. You can find her work in her Instagram, follow her videos in Youtube and even purchase her creations in her Etsy Shop.

She found this beautiful pair of boots in Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and fell in love.

A late 19th century creation by Jean-Louis François Pinet  a luxury shoe manufacturer in France in the second half of the nineteenth century. His beautifully constructed and elaborately embellished footwear was worn by the best-dressed women of the era. 

This work was a full collaboration between the skills and talent of Sewstine and me. I did the patterns based in the Swestine’s foot measurements and the info of the boots from the information sheet on the LACMA website and she did the embroidery designs and embroidered the pieces with the correct area.

sewstine work

Once I had them in my atelier I started to craft the components.

photo by Lindsey Hinderer Portraits

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