18th century française shoe for Sewstine

18th century française shoe for Sewstine

Sewstine is an artist who recreate the beauty of 18th century garments today. You can find her work in her Instagram, follow her videos in Youtube and even purchase her creations in her Etsy Shop.

For this occasion Sewstine worked with this robe à la française , from 1760, found in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Monochrome, but in a bright canary yellow guaranteed to catch anyone’s attention across a room, this exceptionally well-preserved robe à la française with trimmings represents the apogee of the form. The absence of ornament, other than basic ruffles, makes this a museum object easy to read: it is a perfect teaching example, free from distractions and affirming thereby the adorned beauty of eighteenth-century silhouette and style, so often masked under frills and coquetry.

Sewstine did an amazing work recreating each detail from the dress.

She trusted me to craft a pair of shoes, recreating the shape, heel and form of a pair of 18th century française shoes to accompany her creation

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